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Dirt Road Memories

What are your memories of an old dirt road?

Driving down that old dirt road, memories flood back with every bump, narrowing, and turn. The journey to UT1 Cabin Rentals is more than just a drive; it's a trip through the chapters of our lives. The smell of pine and the sound of gravel under tires bring back laughter-filled summer nights and quiet mornings with coffee in hand, watching the sunrise and ending the day watching the dancing #northernlights or driving down dirt roads looking for #moose in all hours of the #nighttime. As you cross under the old #railroad bridge, you immediately know that you are to a place like no other.

Each visit to this special place, a new story unfolds, yet it always feels like coming home. Whether it's your first time or a cherished tradition, UT1 Cabin Rentals offers a sanctuary where every moment turns into a treasured memory. From #fishing #atving #kayaking #hiking visiting #mnstateparks to just simply telling stories around a #campfire...memories are always being made and they are ones that have stayed with our family for many years.

I like to think, "if this land could talk" what type of stories would it tell from the past 40 years!? We are sure they would be filled with happiness.

If you are looking to experience something new, we invite you to join us. The ATV Trails are open, fishing is great, hiking is awesome, and summer is here on Nine Mile Lake. This place has had mine and my family's heart for nearly 40 years and now it's time for it to steal yours!

You never know what magical things, besides memories, that you will find in these woods!

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