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Perks of Renting a Vacation Home

Vacations rentals are popping up all over the place. There are so many unique boutique style cabins, condos, and other unique places to rent in the Midwest. Hotels and Motels are seeming to be something from the past. So.....let's take a look at some of the perks of renting a home directly, AirBNB or VRBO.

1) Lower costs

Overall, the costs of renting an entire home are going to save you money in the long haul. Most VRBO such as UT1 Cabin Rentals will accommodate more than just the average 2-4 people and have full kitchens for you to be able to bring groceries and cook meals right at your place. It's like an open invitation to grab 2 other couples, a cooler, and have an incredible weekend for just over $100 per person (depending on how much you are planning to splurge on those dinner ingredients)! The average night in a hotel for a king-size bed is pushing over $200 these days.

2) Luxurious Finishes

There are some really cool AirBNB and VRBO rentals out there especially in Lake County and Cook County. Craftsman cabins are in as well as shipping container homes, small homes and boutique cabins. New cabin rental hosts are really getting into the luxury stays and furnishing their spaces with unique pieces that make you feel like you.

walked into a movie set. Some rentals even have washer and dryers which minimizes the amount of clothing that you need to pack for those long stays and no laundromat visits.

3) Great hosts

Chances are pretty great that if you rent from someone that is renting their home or cabin...they take a lot of pride in their work and they genuinely want you to love their place as much as they do. Enjoy some of the perks such as complimentary kayak usage that these places may have. A great thing about renting from one of these rental sites is that the customer also gets to review the hosts, letting you know just how great they are. We recommend finding "Premier hosts" for the best experience.

4) Seclusion

One of the main differences that we find unapologetically charming is their locations. In contrary to a hotel off the highway, generally speaking, cabin rentals are the hidden gems off the beaten path. They are close enough to everything you need but you get the opportunity to completely disconnect as much as you chose and if that's not your can still work remotely using their Wi-Fi services that are usually provided.

5) Supporting a family

When you rent from a host of a VRBO or AirBNB you are also supporting small businesses and families with this day in age, that is a pretty special thing.

So, if you are ok exchanging the pool that closes at 9pm for seclusion, optimal views, and the best experience in a vacation...private rentals are it! Check out to begin your journey into the VRBO world :)

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