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Chasing the Light-The Northern Lights

"Never Stop Chasing and Wondering"


The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are one of nature's most mesmerizing and captivating phenomena. These dancing lights paint the night sky with vibrant hues of green, pink, purple, and blue, creating a spectacle that has fascinated eyes of all ages for years. They leave you in a state of wonder and curiosity.

 So, where can you see them?


While the Northern Lights can be seen in various locations around the world and seem to be more and more in Minnesota lately, the best place to see them is a place free of light pollution. UT1 Cabin Rentals in Finland, Minnesota, is just that and in 2023 we were lucky enough to experience the lights a handful of occasions right from the shores of our cabins on Nine Mile Lake. If you are staying with us don't be surprised if you get a call saying, "The Northern Lights are out." We want you to experience them with us!

Best Times to Chase the Lights


The Northern Lights are a seasonal phenomenon, with the best viewing opportunities typically occurring during the winter months when nights are long and dark. However, they can also be seen in the late autumn and early spring months. We have even seen them in the summer! We recommend getting an app on your phone, we use one called "Aurora" and it alerts you when the elements are just right for possible viewing.


Chasing the Aurora: Tips for a Successful Experience


1. Choose the Right Location: Select a destination known for its Northern Lights sightings and minimal light pollution. Remote areas like UT1 Cabin Rentals or anywhere on the north shore are usually good for this!


2. Check the Weather Forecast: Clear skies are essential for seeing the Northern Lights. Monitor weather forecasts and choose nights with minimal cloud cover. There are several great apps out there for tracking Northern Lights!


3. Be Patient: Seeing the Northern Lights is not guaranteed, so patience is key. "We have spent many hours sitting, waiting, and usually when we least expect it...they are there!"

4. Capture the Moment: Bring a camera with manual settings to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights. You can also capture them on a cell phone if you are on the right settings. Don't feel defeated if you can see them better on a camera than you can to the naked eye!

A Magical Encounter with Nature


For those fortunate enough to witness the Northern Lights, it's an experience that transcends words. It will ignite your soul! Happy Chasing!

BOOK YOUR STAY AT UT1 CABIN RENTALS on your next mission for Northern Lights! We will leave the light off!


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